It's been nearly a dozen years now since I actively began creating jewelry. Having satisfied my sense of taste and smell by working in the restaurant and wine industries, I found that creating jewelry satisfies my sense of sight and touch. Combined with the sound of happy students, teaching jewelry making leaves me complete.

This website is also home to beadclub supply. As a former bead store owner, I can't urge you enough to support your local bead and jewelry supply stores. However, as a teacher, I recognize that without the proper tools and supplies your creative endeavors can be limited. So I have compiled a shop with my favorite materials used in my classes to make sure my students have what they need to succeed.

As you start your next project, be sure to check your local stores first, but then browse my online store for a selection of my favorite tools and supplies, my gallery for pictures of my past and current work, and my class calendar for a current list of places you can join me for some fun. And go ahead...create recklessly!


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